Reflection: Complex Tasks Introduction to Native American Literature - Section 4: Students Work in Small Groups To Examine One Era in U.S. Native American Policy


The language used in the pages I assigned to students was quite challenging. I spent a lot of time defining words for them. In one sentence alone, I was asked for a definition of "abysmal" and "exacerbated." Still, I believe that students were able to understand enough to be able to present to their classmates. However, this lets me know that I will have to fill in information during their presentations tomorrow and clarify throughout. 

  The Language Was Challenging
  Complex Tasks: The Language Was Challenging
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Introduction to Native American Literature

Unit 3: Native American Literature
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT explore issues that have impacted the Native American community and that are addressed in the literature by collaborating to examine federal U.S. policy.

Big Idea: To understand the literature of a people, it is essential to learn of the issues that have impacted them.

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