Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Transformation of Functions Day 2 - Section 2: Investigation


This lesson actually ran very smoothly.  First of all, anytime technology is involved you are taking a risk.  Luckily the technology cooperated flawlessly and students really got a lot out of this investigation.  I like to use the Desmos graphing calculator due to the ease of interface for the students.  They can type in almost exactly what they want without having to worry about a lot of syntax issues (like you sometimes run into on the regular graphing calculator).  Students were also able to change the numbers for each transformation and see immediately how the graph was effected.  This led to more students using a trial and error approach to getting the transformations exactly the way they wanted them.  This constructivist activity allowed students to use their own curiosity to make sense of the transformations.  I heard many students saying things like, "I wonder what will happen if I..."  This is exactly what you want to hear in a mathematics classroom.  Students were making conjectures and hypotheses and then testing them out in real time and getting immediate feedback.  

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Investigation Reflection
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Transformation of Functions Day 2

Unit 1: Functions
Lesson 15 of 18

Objective: SWBAT write the equation of a function after a transformation.

Big Idea: Students will use the Desmos online graphing calculator to explore transformations of various functions.

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Math, Algebra, vertical shfts, horizontal shifts, transformation, function, function
  40 minutes
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