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This was a great activity for students to grapple with.  They definitely were challenged to create some graphs that look differently from graphs they have previously completed in this unit.  In particular, students struggled with a graph that required them to scale the x and y axes completely differently.  They had trouble "seeing" the graph of y = 150 - 10(In) but with encouragement around entering different values for x were able to eventually get a picture of a graph.

Students also struggled with non-linear equations. Interestingly, one student tried to force a quadratic into a straight line (even though her table values told her otherwise).  I found this interesting to think about in light of student confidence (in their own work) and how much we focus on linear equations.  You can see a sample of her two drafts of y= x^2 in the resource section.  Note: This rule is different from the one in Rules, Tables, Graphs.

Overall, I found this task to be valuable for students to grapple with equations and graphs that "look different" than more standard y = mx + b equations.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Graphs That Look Different
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Rules ----> Tables ----> Graphs

Unit 2: Multiple Representations: Situations, Tables, Graphs, and Equations
Lesson 7 of 17

Objective: SWBAT find number pairs that fit a rule, plot the pairs, and sketch the graph.

Big Idea: Rules, tables, and graphs, oh my! Students work fluidly between multiple algebraic representations.

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