Reflection: Perseverance Identity Can Also Empower - A Positive End to Our Study of Identity - Section 3: Students Create a Crossword


After students posted the papers back on the wall, I walked up to it and scanned the responses. The experience was just what I intended. It is a joy to read the original experience and then look at all the positive descriptions of the category students embrace.

I was very happy to finish this unit on this positive note. 

  This turned into a powerful visual
  Perseverance: This turned into a powerful visual
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Identity Can Also Empower - A Positive End to Our Study of Identity

Unit 7: Synthesis Essay on Identity
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT explore the positive and empowering side of Identity and express it with vivid, precise language.

Big Idea: It's great to end a unit on a positive note.

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