Reflection: Joy Awe-inspiring, Extraordinary, Erudite kids - Section 2: Guided practice


This video is an example of the I say/you say activity. In it you can see that the activity gives you immediate feedback on how students are doing. There is a girl with brown hair and pink top that clearly seems interested in the "game" but has not understood the task. She is a shy English learner that is a very good writer, but has trouble with oral production. The activity showed me that I need another approach with her. Fortunately, no one feels intimidated by the others' excitement and you can see them engaged and having fun (with grammar!). Another example of how this lesson led to student grouping for enrichment, not only remediation, is the girl that changes the last adjective to scrumptious. 

Taking video clips is a valuable resource that I (and many others) under-use. We often miss cues and information because the school day is so complex and fast paced. Once in a while it is powerful to take time to look at this videos, and relive our lessons. 

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Awe-inspiring, Extraordinary, Erudite kids

Unit 3: Language and Foundational skills
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT add an adjective to a sentence

Big Idea: We need to turn our children into sophisticated speakers and writers to start them on the way to college and career readiness. I start with an adjective or two.

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