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Retest Open Response

I picked this open response to demonstrate how a student with a learning disability can benefit from a reteach/retest policy.  In the students first response he added quotes but made a minimal attempt to explain why Mr. Basu was so upset.  The student identifies that he can't read, but no other information to explain the added quotes from the story is included therefore I gave him a score point of 1.

In the retest open response, this student used the P.E.E. graphic organizer which is an acronym that stands for Point, Evidence, and Explanation, to organize his or her thoughts and include the essential parts of the response which demonstrates comprehension. The retest response is a mostly clear, complete, and accurate explanation of why Mr. Basu is so upset. The response addresses the fact that he can't read but also includes his frustration with his wife and the facts given in the newspaper.  His first sentence contributes to the score because the student states the reasons why Mr. Basu's upset therefore I gave this student a score of 3.

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  Unit Exams: Retest Open Response Results
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Day 2: Reteach/Retest Open Response Part of ELA 9 Unit Assessemnt

Unit 4: Short Fiction: "Drenched In Light"
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, and organization are appropriate to answering an open response question through additional instruction and by rewriting the open response.

Big Idea: Will retesting the Open Response essay improve the score?

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