Reflection: Checks for Understanding Day 2: Reteach/Retest Open Response Part of ELA 9 Unit Assessemnt - Section 1: Activator


I think asking students to state three specific things they can do to improve their open response helped to activate their prior knowledge.  Some of their responses included:

  • "Thinking about what the question is asking you to do"
  • "Find evidence and explain what it means"
  • "Start with an introduction"
  • "Write at least eight sentences"
  • "Write neatly"

I have reviewed this information about how to write an open response several times in past lessons but based on their responses I'm feeling more confident that they are starting to really get it!  I know it takes several times of hearing, seeing, and using something to learn it so I'm not at all discouraged.

  Open Response
  Checks for Understanding: Open Response
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Day 2: Reteach/Retest Open Response Part of ELA 9 Unit Assessemnt

Unit 4: Short Fiction: "Drenched In Light"
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, and organization are appropriate to answering an open response question through additional instruction and by rewriting the open response.

Big Idea: Will retesting the Open Response essay improve the score?

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