Day 2: Reteach/Retest Open Response Part of ELA 9 Unit Assessemnt

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SWBAT produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, and organization are appropriate to answering an open response question through additional instruction and by rewriting the open response.

Big Idea

Will retesting the Open Response essay improve the score?


10 minutes

My students understand that they are being given another opportunity to redo their open response and consequently improve their grade on the Unit 1 Assessment.  In the prior days lesson, we reviewed how to analyze a story by answering comprehension questions, annotating the text, and outlining the open response essay using the PEE technique.

Activating prior knowledge is an important strategy for developing good reading habits.  I know they help students become meta-cognitive. They learn to think about their thinking.  I wanted them to think about what they reviewed the day before during the reteach lesson. For this activator I ask the students to list three things they think will help improve their score on the open response that they are about to answer. I think asking students to state three specific things they can do to improve their open response helped to activate their prior knowledge.



Building Knowledge

10 minutes

I review the components of the graphic organizer P.E.E. I remind them of the meaning of the words: Explain, Relevant, Specific Information, and Excerpt. 

I then hand out the Open Response question and Grading Rubric.  I remind them to read the prompt carefully and underline what the prompt is asking them to answer in the open response. Answering the question may seem obvious but too many students will summarize the text versus specifically answering the prompt. If students do not understand what they are being asked to answer they will undoubtedly will not receive full credit for their answer.

I review how to write the topic and concluding sentence to the open response and remind them to first read the prompt then take their time reading while annotating the story. Citing strong evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly is a requirement of the common core standard  RL.9-10.1.

Student learning Activity

45 minutes

Chairs are arranged in rows to create a test taking environment.  Students are given the retest Open Response story and prompt to answer.  To help them write a draft of their open response answer, I give students the P.E.E. open response graphic organizer.  This writing task aligns to the W.9-10.2 standard which asks that students write informative/explanatory essays.

Wrap Up

10 minutes