Reflection: Conferencing Explain The Author's Purpose To Me...Literature or Informational Text - Section 5: Apply What You've Learned


I was really happy with the students' understanding of this concept. It was great to see them wrap up what they learned, even though there were no pictures in the story.

The tie-in to Social Studies was FABULOUS because we are discussing Native Americans right now. There is a focus in these lessons to new knowledge (Native Americans did not have books), new vocabulary (retelling, legend), and new perspective (explaining nature through the use of stories.

Here's a great video of one of my student's student explaining her answers and her perspective.

  Conferencing: New Perspectives, New Knowledge, Great Tie into Social Studies
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Explain The Author's Purpose To Me...Literature or Informational Text

Unit 12: Informational Text - Use Story Elements To Help Us Comprehend
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast the important points and authors' purpose in two stories about a similar topic

Big Idea: Science vs Legend - What is the author trying to share?

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Native American literature, Literature, Special Education, author's purpose, informational text, 2nd Grade, text features, point of view, illustration, storytelling, versions, scientific explanation, Native American legends
  60 minutes
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