Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding What Do I Do With A Verb - Section 4: Partner Work


Another activity that might have made this really relevant is to show the class pictures of things we did in the past. Maybe I could put a picture of a field trip we took by the word past.  Then for present I might have a picture of a child at a station. But, for the future I could have a picture of maybe a second grade class room door, since the students will be in second grade in the future. I find using real pictures is one way to make the lesson relevant and really get the students to understand what I am saying.

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Partner Work
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What Do I Do With A Verb

Unit 19: Language
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify and use verbs with the correct tense in a sentence.

Big Idea: This lesson has a fun activity to use the correct form of a verb to convey the right tense in a sentence. Proper use of verbs and verb endings to convey tense is a huge issue in first grade, and this lesson is designed to help students learn how to use ver

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