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As students get more comfortable with completing worksheets, I start to gradually release the responsibility of completing the worksheet onto them.  This helps them take control of their own learning and gives me a better picture of their math skills and not just their ability to copy from the board.  It takes a little longer to do this with kindergarten students because they cannot read the directions on their own.  It was difficult to have the students work on their own for most of this worksheet because the directions were different on each section.

  Letting Students Work Independently
  Gradual Release: Letting Students Work Independently
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What Are Numbers? Introducing 4 & 5

Unit 2: Numbers 0-5
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: Students will be able to name numerals, count groups of, and count out groups of four and five objects.

Big Idea: Students will learn about the numbers four and five by listening to the story Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, counting the monkeys in the pictures, and counting plastic monkeys.

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