Reflection: Student Ownership Understanding How to Find a Variable in a Word Problem - Section 5: Homework IXL


My goal was to get them to master a portion of the standard today. I think that their practice in solving the problem will be successful because of the focus on what the problem is asking. Forcing them to think about labeling the unknown helps solidify it in their brains. Consequently, I predict word problem solving should become easier. I wish my teachers would have helped me tear apart a problem like this! I cried over many word problems as a child with no systematic way to solve them. That is why I am so passionate about making sure students can pull apart a problem. I don't want them to feel as helpless as I remember feeling. This helpless feeling made me hate math and fear word problems.

My clip talks a little more about how the lesson went...Reflection

  Student Ownership: A good thing.
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Understanding How to Find a Variable in a Word Problem

Unit 12: Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify a variable that represents the unknown within a word problem, create equations with the variable, and solve using the equation.

Big Idea: Students will work together and independently in this lesson to successfully determine an appropriate variable, situation equation and solution to word problems.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, variable, equation, word problems
  60 minutes
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