Reflection: Student Feedback First Day of School - Section 4: Students Reveal Ability and Willingness to Engage With ELA Curriculum


What I learned from their written paragraphs is that as a group, they have a problematic relation to writing. This domain was the most common in the paragraphs that identified what they dislike the most or what is the most challenging for them in an ELA class. Their reasons vary. Here are some samples:

  • I just don't now how to start
  • grammar
  • writer's block
  • hard to express myself

I actually expected reading to be the most common challenge. This helps me be better prepared for designing lessons to support them in their writing. 

Here are three student samples of the JOY activity. This activity also allowed me to get a glimpse of their ability. Some students were able to express themselves clearly in this quick write and shared very interesting thoughts, such as the first two papers. That is a good indication of their ability. On the other end are those who will likely need help accessing academic vocabulary and becoming more aware of their audience, like the third paper. 

  Student Feedback: They Have A Real Phobia of Writing
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First Day of School

Unit 12: Introduction to Routines, Skills and Techniques
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT get an initial experience working with the important Common Core domains of Speaking, Listening, and Writing in my classroom by sharing some things about themselves orally and in writing.

Big Idea: Bringing a little JOY to the dreaded first day of the school year.

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English / Language Arts, First Days of School, paragraph (Composition Basics), revision (Writing Process), class culture, discussions, social criticism, questioning technique
  52 minutes
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