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While students were working on the Fill The Shadow WIth More or Less activity, I was circulating amongst the students.  I wanted to see how easily they could recognize what shapes would fill in the image, if they could use combinations of blocks to change their designs, and if they could decompose a shape into smaller shapes (CCSS.Math.Content.1.G.A.2).  I was also checking in on the use of the vocabulary and why the students chose the shapes they did.

If you look at the video clip titled Digging For the Reason, you will notice that the student said that she chose all green triangles because green was "cool."However, as I persisted with my questioning, I was able to get her mathematical reason for choosing the triangles when trying to use more blocks. This is why you need to continue to probe  students after initial response.  She had the knowledge and used a great approach but accepting that green was "cool" would have nto allowed for her knowledge to shine.

In the second video, Explanation and Vocabulary, the student clearly states why he chose the blocks he did and exhibits an understanding of decomposing shapes.

The third video, titled Matthew's Reasoning, is an example of a child who had a very advanced understanding of the task.  It would have been easy to quickly check in and assume that he had everything in hand.  However, listening to his explanation, he referred to the use of a rhombus, when in fact he was using trapezoids.  I asked him about this (after filming) and he did have a confusion on the vocabulary.  It reminded me the importance of not assuming and checking in with each child. There is also an example of his recording sheet in the section resource. 

  Rigor: Reflection on Center Time Conversations
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Filling Shadows With More and Less

Unit 9: Shapes Within Shapes
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT alter their designs to use more or less pattern blocks to cover the same area.

Big Idea: Putting It Altogether! That is the hope today as students use their understanding of composing and decomposing shapes to cover a given area. Today's lesson is bringing together many of the geometric skills from previous lessons.

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Math, Geometry, One-Dimensional Geometry, More/Less, 1st Grade, decomposing, Geometric Vocabulary
  70 minutes
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