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After review the exit ticket, I realized I needed to do a better job making sure everyone was able to read values on a graph.  Several students who seemed to be doing fine when working with a neighbor had difficulty reading the scale of the graph of JM's Mowing Rates.  They do not realize that the y-axis is scaled in increments of 20.  I am seeing the coordinates as (2, 99) because 99 is one line below 100, when it should be (2, 80).  The other thing that I need to emphasize is that if a graph shows a proportional relationship (this one does) then each rate of y/x should evaluate to the same value.  I have students correctly finding something like (10, 400) but then writing (2, 100); this is not a proportional relationship.


So in summary, I should: 1) do a better job making sure ALL students know how to interpret scales/intervals on the x- or y-axis of a graph; 2) make sure students realize that in the graph of a proportional relationship all rates of y to x should simplify to the same value. 

  Improving Exit Ticket Results
  Exit Tickets: Improving Exit Ticket Results
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Writing The Constant of Proportionality Equation

Unit 2: Proportional Relationships
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT determine and write the constant of proportionality as an equation in the form m=y/x

Big Idea: Students will write constant of proportionality equations from problems represented in graphs.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, unit rate, constant of proportionality, graph, equation
  40 minutes
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