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To help my students with all of the formulas for this unit, we created a formula sheet with key information for this unit.  We purposefully put this information on a pink sheet which is easy for students to pull out from their binder. 

The student work example shows which formulas we included (slope, midpoint, distance , point-slope formula and the 5 steps to find a perpendicular bisector).  I was excited to see them all using this sheet during our Jeopardy activity and also surprised to see that the morning of our test, this was the piece of paper that my students had out to review!  They really seemed to find it helpful. 

In this example of student work, Review Day for Linesanity, I noticed that this student had used superscripts instead of subscripts.  To catch this and other possible mistakes, I had my class check each other's sheets to make sure that they agreed with each other's formulas and steps to solving.  This helped my students to practice using precision and identifying key parts of the formula - it was an easy 3 minute activity!  For students, who had errors, we re-made the sheet at the end of class or some students did this at home. 

  Organizational Systems: Formula Sheet
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Parabolas and Review of Line-sanity!

Unit 2: Line-sanity!
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT determine the equation of a parabola given a focus and directrix and will also review key topics from line-sanity unit like, perpendicular and parallel lines.

Big Idea: Students will fold away to discover the relationship between a focus, directrix and parabola as well as play Jeopardy to review key topics in Line-sanity unit including alternate interior angles.

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