Reflection: Trust and Respect Relationship Unit Opener - Section 2: Interactive Group Work


Taking on the responsibility of planning and implementing a Unit Opener was a great experience and provided several benefits. For me, it was an opportunity to be a leader. Also, it helped to create community between the staff as well as the students. In addition, it created the opportunity to be creative instructionally. To foster buy in, I spoke with the two other teachers during lunch about what type of activities we wanted the students to engage in to begin to develop conceptual understandings of relationships. We brainstormed a list and I put together the materials, reserved the multipurpose room, gave a copy of the lesson plan to all participating adults to be prepare for it, and facilitate the event.

I had fun facilitating the process. I thought the students enjoyed themselves in all the stations. They were well behaved and on task with the assignments. I feel that is a great way to build school community. It helps to have as many adults in the room as possible to make this Unit Openers go smoothly, so please keep that in mind as you collaborate on putting together this type of learning experience.

I didn't ask my students what they liked about the unit opener, but from now on, I will ask them for feedback to make sure we are providing experiences that they love as they learn important concepts about reading and life. In doing this next year, I would engage my students in an oral conversation about what they liked back in the classroom. I would have them pair-share to continue their collaborative conversations. I would have a few share out loud, and then I would add a reflective writing piece by asking them to write about what they learned and a question about what they want to learn. I feel this would help them synthesize their learning on a deeper level.

I would have them share their writing with the whole group and then write their question on a different paper to place the questions on the Concept/Question board. I would use these questions to plan future lessons.

  Reflection on the Interactive Groups
  Trust and Respect: Reflection on the Interactive Groups
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Relationship Unit Opener

Unit 19: Relationships
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT speak, read, and write about grade level topics.

Big Idea: Good readers connect books to over-arching themes. It’s important to engage students in all areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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