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Games are always fun and these are my favorite for subtraction. They are easy and fun to do with all levels of students. It is easy to differentiate because I planned my partners very carefully. I have a few students with difficulty lining up numbers in place value and it really turned up in Ask & Give. I thought of using graph paper about half way through the game. Next time, for these students, I will get it out. That way, there is more chance for  accuracy. 

  An easy and fun time.
  Relevance: An easy and fun time.
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Get Your Game on and Subtract Fluently with Multi-digits!

Unit 1: Place Value and Multi-Digit Addition & Subtraction
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT subtract fluently using a multi-digit standard algorithm.

Big Idea: Students choose between two games to improve critical thought about place value and mastering multi-digit subtraction.

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