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This is really hard! I worked so hard at getting them to be sure to include the "why" of every step. At one point, I really had to stop and tell them that if I were an alien, I would need to have step by step and include all the reasons why I am doing the steps. If I didn't know why, I wouldn't be interested. They thought that was funny and it seemed to help. To really assess  a standard, I think writing is key. I think this lesson hits the heart of assessing their understanding. But it is exhaustingly rich! Here are some finished samples and examples of the complete process.

Working the conferencing in individually is key to the success of the writer too. This one on one attention helps students realize that they need to read their rubrics, think and change anything that isn't right on target with the rubric. 


Some students wanted to go back and write the entire rounding rhyme that we learned, rather than focusing on the reasons for rounding. They were able to see their understanding bloom as they realized that it was not just about a rhyme and an action. I saw great sentence writing.  They could put the mathematical steps in order

It is my intention to use these pieces later to compare another procedural writing assignment in math later on. They will stay in a working portfolio until needed for another lesson. It is an example of helping kids to see that they need to write in math. It is a great way of combining writing and math standards as well as assessing  language and math concepts.

  Tough stuff!
  Rigor: Tough stuff!
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Prep for CCSS Assessments: Explaining Estimation in Writing Part 2

Unit 11: Place Value
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT show understanding of place value, rounding and estimation in subtraction through writing.

Big Idea: Students write an essay about estimation from the plan students had created in Part 1.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Place Value, Writing in Math, estimation, Preparation for Standardized Testing
  55 minutes
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