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I cannot express in words how excited the students are that THEY are writing the test!  When I explained to them that I wanted them to write some good questions about their biome, they were bursting with enthusiasm.  

The reason that I have allowed the students to create the assessment for this unit is that they have become the experts on their biome.  They have been the teachers.  It is only fair that they should be part of the assessment.  The assessment itself when they take it, becomes more than an assessment.  They are excited to find their questions on the test.  If you are ever having a difficult time getting the students excited about a test, give them part ownership of it!  The results are amazing!  The class average on this assessment (that also had a few questions I snuck in.  Shhh don't tell!  ;) ) was over 90%.  I attribute some of that to the fact that it was a student led project.   They were enthusiastic about it.  In coming up with the questions, students also also have to reflect upon the main components of the biome they presented. They are studying the biomes again without even realizing they are doing it.  I love projects where the kids are so excited that they forget that they are learning and are anxiously engaged in the lessons.

  Reflection on Student Made Assessment
  Student Led Inquiry: Reflection on Student Made Assessment
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Biomes - Project Creation

Unit 3: Biomes - Science Integration
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create a biome project in preparation for presenting the project to the class.

Big Idea: Today is biome project creation day! The different biome groups get to choose a project that they would like to create so that they can then present their biome information to the class.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Research Writing and Practices, biome, subject integration, animal
  75 minutes
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