Reflection: Students with Disabilities Reading Strategy: Predicting the Future - Section 4: Prediction Bingo


Students with disabilities often need the repetition of a game or activity to help make the strategy more usable. A game like Bingo is fun and easy for a group of students to play on their own. You can teach the students how to get out the game and materials. They understand the rules of the game, they just need to choose a student to be the caller. 

The caller also gets reading practice in and usually they are the ones that enforce the game. Ask students to take turns in who takes on the role as caller. 

Here in Flagstaff, winter is coming, so is indoor recess. I often leave this game out during indoor recess for extra practice. 

  Repetition to Make Concrete
  Students with Disabilities: Repetition to Make Concrete
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Reading Strategy: Predicting the Future

Unit 1: Reading Strategies: Beginning of the Year
Lesson 5 of 15

Objective: SWBAT predict the outcome or effect of what is to happen to a character, setting, or situation.

Big Idea: Predicting the future sounds fun, but students still need practice to get the job done. In this lesson, students will have to predict, and give evidence from the text to support their prediction.

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