Reflection: Flexibility Detective Academy Graduates: Shakespeare's Secret - Section 4: Lesson Project


Time got away from us during this lesson and we didn't get as far in the reading as I would have like to.  We are on a tight schedule though so I added the part we didn't finish to their at home reading assignment, and promised them that reading this novel would be their only homework for the week if they would keep up with it.  (Hopefully they will..)

  Reflection on Lesson Project
  Flexibility: Reflection on Lesson Project
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Detective Academy Graduates: Shakespeare's Secret

Unit 2: Mystery Mayhem
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify and apply context clues within small group discussion on solving mysteries.

Big Idea: Students will "graduate" from the "Detective Academy." They will gain more independence in solving mysteries.

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shakespeare s secret
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