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I have the students complete the worksheet on their own today as a check for understanding.  At this point, we have spent two weeks working on the numbers 0 to 5.  We will be spending a few more days on these numbers as we learn to compare and order them, but at this point I wanted some data on whether the students were able to count and write the numbers 0 to 5.  I thought that I had a pretty good idea of where students were based on my observations, but I was actually surprised when I reviewed these sheets.  I found several students who I thought were doing very well were still having trouble writing 2 and 5.  This helped me create small groups for the remainder of this unit.  It also helped me decide what to focus on during these small group lessons.  For my class, I need to focus on how to write the number 2 and 5.

  Reviewing Student Work
  Checks for Understanding: Reviewing Student Work
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How Do We Write Numbers? - Practicing & Writing 0

Unit 2: Numbers 0-5
Lesson 12 of 16

Objective: Students will be able to use objects and pictures to name and write the number zero.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students review the idea that there is a number that represents nothing. They eat a snack to help them understand that when there are no cookies left, they have 0 cookies!

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