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I teach the number 0 after teaching the numbers 1 to 5.  Students need to first develop an understanding of numbers and connecting numbers to a set of objects.  After students understand this, it is easier to introduce 0 and the idea that there is a number for having no objects.  Some students still have trouble understanding the idea of a number representing nothing.  For these students, I continue to give examples.  I have found that interesting the example, the more likely students are to remember it.  A lot of my students love dinosaurs, so when I ask how many dinosaurs are flying around our room, I have students look up and around like there are really there.  Once we come to the agreement there are not any dinosaurs flying around our room and that that means there are zero dinosaurs flying around the room, I continue to use that example to help them connect that idea of zero relating to nothing.

  Using Number 0 to Bring it All Together
  Coherence: Using Number 0 to Bring it All Together
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What Are Numbers? - Introducing 0

Unit 2: Numbers 0-5
Lesson 11 of 16

Objective: Students will be able to use objects and pictures to name and write the number zero.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students are introduced to the idea that there is a number that represents nothing. They sing about Zero, My Hero and count how many crazy things are in the room like elephants and flying pigs!

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