Reflection: Advanced Students Properties of Exponents - Section 2: Grading the Entry Activity


Any time I roll out a new unit, I work extremely hard to gauge the student's level of understanding in the first couple of lessons.  I don't want my "bubble" students to check out early because the content is overwhelming!  This is a delicate balance because I do wish to have my students engaged in high level questioning techniques early in a lesson.  When I got to this section of the lesson, however, I quickly realized that I was spending a little too much time rotating around to individual students, when in reality I could have probably invested my time in a quick formative assessment check (with the same bang for my buck).  By no means does this mean that I would recommend passing out an exit ticket and sitting at the teacher desk... I would remain involved, and provide student with a small template of selected problems to help me identify the fundamental issues at hand - in this lesson, many of which will be remedial.

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  Advanced Students: Meeting students where they are
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Properties of Exponents

Unit 9: Polynomials and Problem Solving
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT fine-tune and extend their knowledge of the rules of exponents to new settings as they prepare to work with higher-order polynomials.

Big Idea: Identify and target your students' prior knowledge gaps in this introductory lesson.

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properties of exponents
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