Reflection: Student Ownership Note-taking: Paraphrase, Summary, and Direct Quotes - Section 3: Collaboration and Debriefing


I think it is important for students to engage in peer discussion on their definition of note-taking, their note-taking strategies, and the results of their note-taking self-assessment.  This allows them to discuss their findings; identify similarities and differences in their responses; and share what works for them.  In addition, they can problem-solve together on how to improve their skills in this area.  Students with disabilities can discuss their reflections in a small-group environment that may be less intimidating than the all-class setting.  This allows students to feel a sense of ownership. Since I have seniors, I like to give them opportunities to engage in instructional scaffolding through group collaboration.  This provides the modeling, guided practice, individual practice, and feedback interactions I would like for them to use in college and career environments.

I enjoyed listening to the conversations, and they took longer than I had planned because students started identifying with one another's challenges and successes and giving each other advice on how to overcome note-taking hurdles in certain classes.

  Reflection on Collaboration and Debriefing
  Student Ownership: Reflection on Collaboration and Debriefing
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Note-taking: Paraphrase, Summary, and Direct Quotes

Unit 6: Learning Strategies & Project-Based Learning
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate applied comprehension of note-taking through discussion and hands-on activities for paraphrasing, summarizing, and selecting direct quotes.

Big Idea: Note-taking is a vital learning strategy for college and career readiness.

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English / Language Arts, direct quotation, Writing, Differentiation, Writing Process, summarizing, paraphrasing, formative assessment, Culture for Learning, discourse and questioning, notes, Leadership in Professional Community, Student Self
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