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I'm a School House Rock fan, and Busy Prepositions is a catchy tune that my kids always enjoy and remember.  It's about Prepositional Phrases, so before, during, and after our lessons having to do with prepositions, I let the kids learn and sing along to the song. 

This is the first School House Rock ditty I introduce them to, and on the last day of school someone brought it up.  Next thing I knew, everyone was asking to see it just one more time.

  Inclusion of School House Rock
  Joy: Inclusion of School House Rock
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Preposition Books

Unit 4: Grammar Greats
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: TSWBAT demonstrate the function of prepositional phrases in writing through the creation of a Preposition Book.

Big Idea: This next phase is the prepositional phrase.

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preposition books
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