Reflection: Complex Tasks How Should Kids be Disciplined at School? - Section 2: Sharing Your Opinion


The task of writing from a different point of view was extremely difficult for many of my students.  It was no big deal for them to create the multi-flow map about their own opinions, but taking on a different role, was tricky.  Many students were stuck, and said that they just didn't know how other people would feel about this situation.  It is really difficult for many sixth graders to put themselves in other people's shoes.  Some just cannot do it! 

I ended up talking the class through these different roles.  

For example, Let's talk about your parents.  How would your mom or dad react if you came home and told them you were paddled?  

So, if your parents would be upset, let's look at the text and find some examples of other parents feeling this same way.  If your parents would support it, let's look for parents that supported this punishment at John C. Calhoun. 

What about teachers?  Take me for example?  Do you think this is the type of punishment I would agree with?  Does paddling align with the way I discipline you now?  

We ended up walking through this part together and using the text when possible to figure out how different people would react to this situation.  

 Even though this portion of the lesson didn't turn out exactly how I would have liked, I still think it was valuable for them to try to take on different points of view.  It's early in the year, so I see this as a warm up for what is to come.  

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How Should Kids be Disciplined at School?

Unit 11: Why do Children Misbehave?
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT support an opinion with evidence from the text.

Big Idea: Can you support your opinion?

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