Reflection: Essay Writing Presenting and Practicing MLA Format - Section 3: Application: Typing the Essay


In the past MLA formatting was the bane of my existence as a teacher--or at least one of them. As I walked around checking in on students, I was pleasantly surprised that the formatting was AMAZING. Check out the video of one of the published essays for this lesson.  The only error that I saw on a couple of students' formatting was that they added an extra space between paragraphs. This was a quick fix, and I was able to catch these errors before they printed.

This was the first time I chose to do the lesson this way. In the past, I posted an MLA video to our student site, and told students to watch the video in order to format correctly. This was a disaster. It was 100% more effective to have them format while I modeled. I'll definitely do it this way in the future. In other words, sometimes, technology isn't the most effective way of getting through to the students. Good old fashion modeling is so important.


  Essay Writing: Formatting Reminders
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Presenting and Practicing MLA Format

Unit 4: The Search for Identity: Essay Writing
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT understand how to use MLA format by writing the final drafts of their essays.

Big Idea: Students play follow the leader in a step by step MLA format presentation

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