Reflection: Adjustments to Practice What are Thin and Thick Questions? - Section 2: Browsing the Text to Write Questions


As I walked around and monitored their work, I felt the students were on task and doing an efficient job of writing the questions. I like that they were thinking of the different types of questions to ask. A couple of them asked if they could write more than one in each box. I said that was fine.

All of my students were on task. I gave minimal support. I feel the template I gave them was extremely helpful in guiding them. 

I allotted them 12 minutes to accomplish this task, but a few students needed 15 minutes. Those students who finished early illustrated or read a book until all the other students finished. It is important to have in place activities for those students who finish early. I recommend quiet activities. My students have a classroom set of books they can read. This keeps them busy.

After generating the list of questions, I gave them the opportunity to answer one Thin question and one Thick question. Most of the students accomplished the task. Some did not. Some only asked the questions but did not answer the questions. Part of this I am thinking has to do with stamina. During my lessons and throughout the day, I constantly work to build it.

  How was their focus? Did they complete the task?
  Adjustments to Practice: How was their focus? Did they complete the task?
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What are Thin and Thick Questions?

Unit 20: Babu's Song
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer simple and complex questions in a literary text.

Big Idea: My students learn how to ask simple and complex questions. Come find out about this easy and fun tool to use right away!

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