Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Reading Babu's Song - Section 2: Reading the Text


I engaged my students in three different reading techniques: whisper reading, cloze reading, and choral reading. I did this to make the reading engaging. As we read, I asked the students questions. I ask the students to take turns reading aloud. I do this to keep my students accountable. At one point, I asked two tables to read chorally while the other two tables followed along. Then, I alternated. This was spontaneous decision, but I liked it. I will try that again. I feel the different readings went well. Most of the students were on task and doing as I asked them to do. One student can be seen exhibiting silly behavior, but he too decided to change his behavior and get back on track.

I feel the students did a good job answering the questions by going back into the text and finding the answer using the illustrations and text, and this may be due to the fact that they were so engaged by the different reading strategies. I also thought they did a good job giving me evidence of what they were using to answer the questions, showing that they were quite focused on the text details.

Being a proficient reader involves juggling different skills at a time. So in answering questions, my students asked more questions. Those questions that were asked, I wrote on a chart. I labeled the chart with the words Thin and Thick.

I reminded them about what makes a question thin or thick. I was happy to see how many more Thick questions they were posing. I feel they understood the difference. I will continue to review Thin and Thick questions.

One last thought: while I think the reading techniques went well, I won’t use all three in one sitting again. The lesson took longer than expected. The story is too long and would be best to divide the reading into 2 or even 3 lessons depending on the needs of your classroom.

  Adjustments to Practice: How did the reading techniques work out?
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Reading Babu's Song

Unit 20: Babu's Song
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions to understand the key details of a literary text.

Big Idea: What are interactive ways to read with your class? I engage my students in different reading techniques to read our text. This helps them stay focused on the text and ready to ask and answer questions.

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