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This is a lesson that should be done early in the year. It is a basic counting game that encourages the one to one counting foundation and the concept that numbers represent quantity. It should be played after the kids have had some solid exposure to counting objects and groups of objects. If it is done too late in the teaching-learning cycle, students tend to be bored which promotes behavior problems. Remember to challenge your students, but not frustrate them. When I have a student that struggles with one to one counting or number recognition, I partner him or her up with a strong partner who is a level or two above in skill ability.

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Match Me!

Unit 1: Make it Count!
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Objective: SWBAT match numerals to quantities and determine how many objects are in a group.

Big Idea: Kids love to count and build puzzles. This activity encourages them to do both! The kids count objects on puzzle pieces and match the groups of objects to the correct number.

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