Reflection: Checks for Understanding First Formal Writing Assignment - Section 3: Students Draft Paragraphs, One Step At A Time


Student drafts reveal very good thinking on their part. The drafts have the potential of turning into a good piece of writing. The two areas that need the most work are their topic sentences and their analysis. A topic sentence is actually missing in several paragraphs. Students started discussing the text in sentence one and there is no sense of what point they are trying to make or of their answer to the question they selected. In other words, they did not establish a central idea. The analysis suffers from a typical problem, it is mostly summary. I did not write feedback on their papers because I want them to engage in an activity where they learn to evaluate their own writing. This will happen tomorrow. This is the sample student first written assignment that I discuss in the video and includes the areas of need that are common in these first papers.

  Checks for Understanding: Analytical Writing is Challenging So They Default to Summary
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First Formal Writing Assignment

Unit 12: Introduction to Routines, Skills and Techniques
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT learn the almost brand new skill of establishing a central idea and supporting it with evidence by walking through this process with my guidance.

Big Idea: Students walk through their first formal writing assignment one step at a time.

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