Reflection: Complex Tasks Making A Plan: Crafting an Outline - Section 2: Hopping Ahead to Step 5: How To Outline


Creating models for students, especially ones that they can either physically manipulate or at least see being manipulated, builds understanding--especially in the visual and kinesthetic learners. The models gave me a chance to break down the complexity of both ordering their thoughts, as noted in the video above, and they gave me a chance to get the students involved in the"magic" of writing an essay, as I approached a few and asked them, "draw a card, any card," in order to show how easily they could manipulate the order of their thoughts. 

Additionally, playing "card tricks" kept the students engaged, while I do not know any slight of hand, I can see a quick card trick incorporated in this to increase that engagement. 

  Thoughts on Mapping: An Outline Reflection
  Complex Tasks: Thoughts on Mapping: An Outline Reflection
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Making A Plan: Crafting an Outline

Unit 4: Persuasive Writing: Research and Rhetorical Skills
Lesson 9 of 16

Objective: SWBAT organize the specific evidence to support their persuasive claims by creating an outline and establishing a thesis statement.

Big Idea: With landmarks in the form of information cards, students make an actual "map" to their topic in the form of an outline.

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