Reflection: Modeling Greedy Gordy - Learning about More - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


When I originally taught this lesson, I did not do the intense modeling that is outlined here in the lesson plan and I paid the price.  It was a hot mess.  The students did not put the correct manipulatives in the correct spaces.  They started on the wrong side.  You name it and it went wrong.  I actually had a "do over" where I collected everything and modeled for the students and the lesson was very successful.  It is hard to set aside the time to model, but in the end, the intense modeling usually saves time in the long run.

  Greedy Gordy-Comparing with More
  Modeling: Greedy Gordy-Comparing with More
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Greedy Gordy - Learning about More

Unit 2: Working With Numbers 0-10
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: Student will be able to compare groups of objects to determine which one has more.

Big Idea: More is a fairly easy concept for children to understand. They know what it means to want more. This lesson gives students a framework for comparing groups of items.

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