Reflection: Student Feedback Close Reading: James Baldwin Talks to Teachers - Section 2: Warm-up: Hearing James Baldwin


A number of students responded with interest to the video (the same ones who completed the close reading, I found out later in the class!).  They were particularly interested in the fact that he commands attention from the audience.  They also had questions about who was in the audience, and other contextual things regarding the video.  I wasn't completely sure, except that he is on a panel at UC Berkeley in 1974, and presumably there are mostly African American's in the room, given how he is speaking (particularly the joking asides).  I did bring up the money issue, and talked a bit about the fact that even though schools are non-profit, they all have to be profitable to provide resources for students and compete for students.  We have a number of "school choice" students in the class, since in MA students can choose to go to another district (on the district they live in's dime).  So I talked about how school districts are motivated to recruit students from other districts due exclusively to economics.  While this was mostly me speaking, they were clearly interested--it was just something they didn't have enough background in to respond.  Later in the semester we will be doing a thematic unit on Economics; I can see I will be doing a lot of teaching background information for that unit!

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Close Reading: James Baldwin Talks to Teachers

Unit 4: Thematic Unit: Education
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Objective: SWBAT understand the rhetorical strategies used by James Baldwin when addressing a group of teachers through close reading of particular paragraphs of text.

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