Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Scale Drawings - Section 4: Road Trip


This activity had high student interest.  They really enjoyed finding places to go, finding how many miles and finding how long it would take them.  

A few pointers for this activity:

1.  If using the map I included, use 4cm = 500 miles as the scale.  It's too difficult to use exact measurements.

2.  Students used ratio table to set up and solve and this worked out beautifully

3.  When calculating the time it will take, I let the students use an approximate time. For example, if they were calculating how long it would take to while travelling 55mph, then their miles needed to be less than 55 miles from their actual distance.  If they were travelling 60 mph, then they would need to be less than 60 miles from their actual distance.  

We had a really great discussion on why this needed to be the way.  We talked about the fact that we had the constant speed (unit rate) and it could be used to make our time calculations more precise. 

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Scale Drawings

Unit 3: Ratios and Proportions
Lesson 18 of 25

Objective: SWBAT solve scale drawing problems.

Big Idea: This lesson will provide students the opportunity to work with scale drawings as they create their own road trip to see how far they go using a map of the United States.

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