Reflection: Performance Tasks Second Academic Discussion of the School Year - Section 4: Closing and Next Steps


Student performance in this second large group discussion was a great improvement over the previous one. Compare the charts where I kept track of their performance. This is their first large group discussion and this is their second large group discussion. I believe part of this improvement has to do with a couple of things. One was the fact that they got to see their participation, on the chart I used to track it, immediately after the discussion was over. This definitely challenged them to do better so that when they saw it today, they would have a lot more marks next to their name. They overwhelmingly did. Also, the fact that after the first discussion I asked them to commit to doing certain things in the next one proved effective. Their stated commitments were very specific and they lived up to them today.

  Performance Tasks: Students Greatly Improve Performance in Large Group Discussion
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Second Academic Discussion of the School Year

Unit 12: Introduction to Routines, Skills and Techniques
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT engage in another large group discussion where they will be sharing their ideas, discussing texts and collaborating to deepen their understanding.

Big Idea: While it's fresh in their mind, engage students in a follow up academic discussion.

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English / Language Arts, paragraph (Composition Basics), revision (Writing Process), discussions, social criticism, questioning technique
  54 minutes
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