Reflection: Student Ownership Working with Numbers - Unit Review - Section 2: Station Work and Independent Practice


My goal with this lesson is to have the students truly take ownership for their learning.  I want them to acknowledge how much they have learned and that they can continue to build these skills through the stations that are provided in the lesson.  Make sure to model how you want the students to perform each task.  Actually walk them through the process.  A little work on the front end made a huge difference in the success of this lesson.

  Working with Numbers-Unit Review
  Student Ownership: Working with Numbers-Unit Review
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Working with Numbers - Unit Review

Unit 2: Working With Numbers 0-10
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: Student will be able to count on from any number, sequence numbers in counting order, and compare quantities using numbers.

Big Idea: Many foundational number concepts are covered in this unit. This lesson gives students a chance to review those concepts before assessment.

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