Reflection: Rigor The Three Little Pigs The Poem vs. The Original - Section 4: Partner Work


The text did not really work with the standard. Originally I used two different Star Wars books, and they really did not have a theme. I needed two books with similar characters, character experiences, or author's strategies. I think fairy tales are better for this standard.

Be sure to keep the texts on their lexile level.  A book that is too hard will not be useful in this lesson.  Likewise, a book that only has pictures will not be interesting to some readers.

Also, be sure the books have a theme or message (Han and Ewok Comparing Work Sample). Fairy tales and folk tales are good for this, not stories without a lesson. The Star Wars books were engaging, but they really did not have a lesson to learn. They were just like to different stories. The stories have to have the same theme or topic. Check out the student discussion. It really needs to be comparing adventures of characters in two different text (Reflection Comparing Characters).

  Rigor: Partner Work
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The Three Little Pigs The Poem vs. The Original

Unit 16: Similarities and Differences in Stories
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast the author's approach to different versions of the same story.

Big Idea: Surprise your class with another version of a familiar story. Then dig deep for the an analysis of the author's choices.

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three little pigs
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