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As I was doing this lesson, one of my students noticed an onomatopoeia in the book and raised her hand to comment on it.  This idea was from a previous lesson I had taught.  I considered this to be a teachable moment and took the time to verify her observation by writing what she noticed on the board. Then other students took off on this tangent and added their ideas from the book!   

I added the word to the board and we put ideas on the board.  I'll use this concept next year in the lesson as well.

Never be afraid to step away from what is planned for a moment to use these teachable moments. I'm always thrilled when my students generalize concepts from other lessons to a new lesson and it's worth validating their comments and complimenting them for providing text evidence of learning! Complimenting her gives the other students the idea that I am willing to 'step out of the box' of the lesson and praise a student for connecting to what we have already learned.  Wow - love those teachable moments.

  Flexibility: Teachable Moment
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Let's Find A Theme in These Classics!

Unit 4: Connecting with Key Details and Theme
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT determine the themes of several classic stories and use text evidence from story elements to support their choice.

Big Idea: Identify the theme in some classics! How do you know that's the theme?

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Special Education, theme (Reading Comp), Classics (Literature), 2nd Grade, Connecting, story elements, Text Evidence, figurative language, text features
  50 minutes
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