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The end product can be copied and used as a documentation of writing and drawing skills for the beginning of the year.  I love to have samples of writing from different times of the year to show student improvement.  I used to be afraid to send them back to their seats to add more details, but now I am not afraid.  The more I prompt and the more I expect from them, the more they learn and produce.  If you do this activity, be prepared for a lot of prompting and scribbling.  It takes a long time to get my ELL students to understand what is expected.  I am always surprised at the poor fine motor skills some children come to school with.  This type of activity is nonthreatening and they are so eager to please.  Patience and multiple opportunities to write bring about improvement.

  I Know You
  Performance Tasks: I Know You
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Star Student

Unit 12: Just Write!
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify the character, setting and event in a given picture with prompting and support.

Big Idea: One student a day is the "Start Student". With prompting and support the students will learn to draw a character, draw the setting details for the event the student likes to do.

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