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It is so fun to learn about each student.  The student's get so excited when they know the name of a body part, like eyelashes or knees.  The higher students catch on quick and will add details like a scrape on the knee, earrings, hair bows, colored shoestrings.  This is rich conversation being modeled by peers.  I send the books home for the students to keep.  I keep the posters and use them as my decorations for the last day of school.  The pictures cover all wall surface and is so fun to look at.  At the end of our celebration they can take their poster home with them.

  Who are You?
  High Expectations: Who are You?
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Star Student

Unit 12: Just Write!
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify the character, setting and event in a given picture with prompting and support.

Big Idea: One student a day is the "Start Student". With prompting and support the students will learn to draw a character, draw the setting details for the event the student likes to do.

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