Reflection: Accountability Historical Fiction - Section 3: Did They Get It?


Reading logs are my nemesis.

Keeping track of independent reading is a huge, hot-button issue around these parts.  Once it comes up, the opinions start flying, "They have to read for 20 minutes a night" or "They have to read books that are at least 100 pages" or "Then need a parent's signature on a reading log" or "Parents shouldn't have to baby sit a 7th-grader" 

What I have discovered in struggling with reading accountability for five years now is this: the readers will read, and the non-readers will read if the consequence for not reading is significant enough.  How reading is tracked takes a back seat to these two truths. 

The Cornell Notes I give students to complete on their books will be used on the summative assessment, in-class writing.  My students may not take summative assessments until all of their formative assessments are complete.  It's your basic carrot-and-stick approach.  The carrot is being able to use the notes on an assessment.  The stick is having a 0 on a summative assessment if you don't do your reading.

Can't wait to see feedback from everyone on how you manage your independent reading programs!


  Keeping Track of Independent Reading
  Accountability: Keeping Track of Independent Reading
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Historical Fiction

Unit 5: Independent Reading
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Objective: SWBAT produce a clear and coherent explanatory paragraph based on information inferred from a self-selected historical fiction novel.

Big Idea: Checking out historical fiction in the library!

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historical fiction
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