Reflection: Student Ownership Researching Sources to Support Blog Writing - Section 1: Anticipatory Set


There are many ways that it is beneficial for students to read aloud including oral fluency. In this lesson, however, I use the process of reading aloud during the anticipatory set to help students recognize how their own writing sounds, as well as to catch any errors. I have found that, as a writer and as a teacher, there are great many errors that go unnoticed when I am trying to edit my own work. The reason for this is because our mind oftentimes makes an automatic correction subconsciously and we "see" the writing as we intended it to be rather than as it actually is on the page or on the screen. I have told students that they would have better outcomes with self editing if they would take the time to read their writing aloud to themselves. I would love to say that all students take this advice to heart and include oral reading in their editing process, but I am a teacher of teenagers and am not delusional. That being said, I find it to be valuable for me to create opportunities for the students to take this advice as part of a daily lesson, as I know they are highly unlikely to do it on their own. My hope is that, after continual success with the process, students will begin to do it on their own time with other pieces of writing, for my class and any others. 

  Why read aloud?
  Student Ownership: Why read aloud?
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Researching Sources to Support Blog Writing

Unit 1: Argument Writing
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Objective: Students will use the internet to research information about steroid use, either among teens or in professional sports.

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