Reflection: Complex Tasks The Little Red Hen Poem vs. Book - Section 4: Partner Work


This task is very complex and requires support from the teacher.  Walking around helping them generate ideas is essential.

So, it usually takes forever for the students to pick a book. To help them problem, I ask them which stories are their favorite. Then we go with those. I am basically just speeding the process of selection along.

Then I ask:

What happened in each story?

Are there similar events or experiences for the characters?

What lessons did they learn in each text?

How is that the same?

What are the authors' trying to tell you that is the same or different?

  Partner Work
  Complex Tasks: Partner Work
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The Little Red Hen Poem vs. Book

Unit 16: Similarities and Differences in Stories
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT analyze the author's perspective as they compare two versions of the same story.

Big Idea: This comparison deals with comparing a poem to a book with a similar central message.

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