Reflection: Routines and Procedures Independent Reading Check In - Section 1: Guiding Question


One of the biggest take-aways I got from The Book Whisper was the idea of "stealing reading." This is teaching students to use opportunities to sneak in reading any free time they have. Miller mentions that she had her students carry their books to picture day, and they read while they waited.

I set this forth as an expectation as well. My students are doing pretty well. We had an early morning fire scare, and my kids saved their books as they ran out of the building (see picture of one of my students reading as a fire truck approaches in the background). On the way to a field trip, most of my kids chose to read on the bus. My kids read at lunch. The JV students read when the Varsity plays. I'm trying to train them to read every time my phone rings (several times per class period) because they'd get at least a page completed!

Anyway, the idea of stealing reading addresses all of those concerns and excuses kids (and their parents) make.


  Routines and Procedures: Stealing Reading
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Independent Reading Check In

Unit 5: Independent Reading
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Objective: SWBAT: Reflect about their progress toward their goal of reading 40 books.

Big Idea: By our first midterm, I had a sneaking suspension that some students had lost some momentum toward their goal. Good thing I didn't!

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