Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge My Messy Room Revisited - Section 3: Guided and Independent Practice


It is so important to make concrete connections for kindergarten students.  This lesson builds on the students' understanding of the ten frame and how it can be used for counting.  This might seem like a basic concept, but many students are visually fooled when the same quantity is arranged differently.  It might be tempting to skip this lesson, thinking...this is so basic, how can the student not understand?  It is important to address this explicitly in your instruction, which is why it is addressed in standard K.CC.4b. It is worth the time and effort to build this foundational skill for your students.

  My Messy Room Revisited
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: My Messy Room Revisited
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My Messy Room Revisited

Unit 2: Working With Numbers 0-10
Lesson 6 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to explain that a set group of items has the same number of items regardless of the configuration of the items.

Big Idea: Changing the configuration of items often confuses young learners. They may think the number of item changes. This lesson will help students understand that a set has the same number of items regardless of the configuration.

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Math, SIOP, ELL, Critical Area
  27 minutes
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