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Over the summer I decided to go big and put my entire classroom library online so that students could search for specific titles a little easier and electronically check out/in materials. There are several sites that offer this kind of service - some that are free, some that cost money, others that utilize scanners. I chose to sign up and try Classroom Organizer. It’s a free service that allows you to input all of your books and sort by several fields: titles, authors, genres, levels, etc. However, it was much more time intensive than I had planned and I quickly abandoned this plan. I still want to get to this one day, but highly recommend having help such as a parent or other volunteer rather than tacking this massive job on your own!

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The Book Nook

Unit 2: Reading in the Classroom and at Home
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Objective: TWBAT organize her classroom library in a way that is most beneficial for her students.

Big Idea: There is no right way to organize a classroom library. Seems like everyone has an opinion on how to do it; here's what has worked best for my students over the last several years.

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