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After working with this unit for a couple of years. I have noticed that students are not seeing why they need to learn the material in this unit.  After thinking over how to make the unit more relevant and discussing ideas with other teachers I decided to add an introduction to solving trigonometric equations to this unit.  This addition will help students see the importance of learning special angles.

As I redesign the portion of the class I will embed solving into my graphing and identities unit.  This will give students some extra time to understand solving and scaffold the learning from basic equations to the more complex.

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  Relevance: Change in Curriculum
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Is John Guilty

Unit 7: Trigonometry as a Real-Valued Functions
Lesson 1 of 13

Objective: SWBAT determine the angular and linear speed of a moving object

Big Idea: By analyzing data from an accident students will determine whether a driver was speeding when he wrecked his vehicle.

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