Reflection: Relevance Investigating Newton's Second Law-Mass and Accelaration - Section 3: Explore / Explain


In support of science practice 3-planning and conduction an investigation, I had my students take part in investigating mass and acceleration by conducting multiple trials throughout it.

During the investigation, students had a car roll down a ramp, first without any added mass, second with added mass, and third more added mass. With each mass, I expressed the importance of multiple trials is to determine whether the data that was generated was accurate and consistent.  I explained that our data should be reliable so if we get inconsistent results, then we need to consider possible errors that may have impacted the results. 

By doing multiple trials, you are able to see if the outcomes are consistent with the idea or theory being tested. Consistent data is more reliable and dependable and more likely to be considered relevant evidence in supporting a claim or argument.

  Importance of Multiple Trials During An Investigation
  Relevance: Importance of Multiple Trials During An Investigation
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Investigating Newton's Second Law-Mass and Accelaration

Unit 6: Forces and Motions
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT explain how mass of an object affects the distance the object moves.

Big Idea: Students will create a ramp to test varying amounts of mass to determine if the distance a car travels will increase as the mass of the car increases.

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